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Acting Fool
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New Australian platypus called Stinky who loves to act, arrives at the Zoo and immediately gets attention from the people because of it. But, the people only like him because of his looks, so the Penguins have to get Stinky to know the truth about his acting.

Marlene and King Julien are having a prank war. Julien's prank is to give Marlene a tattoo that says "My name is rat face". Marlene finds out, so her prank is to cut the legs of Julien's throne, so that when he sits on it the legs will fail. Julien plans a prank to make Marlene's Habitat smell bad with skunks.


Episode BasedEdit

  • Stinky is a duck-billed platypus
  • When Julien is holding the tattoo, Fred can be seen


  • Private says "All I want for Christmas is some two front teeth", a parody to the song "All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth"

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Stinky is voiced by Victoria Justice
  • There is a voice error with Kowalski when he says "They apparently hate you!"

Kowalski's InventionsEdit

Lie Detector
Used to detect lies