Ann the Firewing Amphiptere is a character that meets the penguins when she was trying make piece with prehistoric zombies, and later becomes their friend.


Firewing amphipteres like her resemble giant snakes with wings, they cannot breath fire but hunt with constriction. They normally live in woodlands but she and her species have accustomed to urban terrain and have been welcomed into cities for their appetite for vermin, mainly rats and pigeons (you think she could handle the Rat King?). She herself prefers to live on the outskirts of New York but visits once in a while to hunt rats and pigeons or for other business.


Ann is normally hostile and doesn't like to socialize to much, but if wounded or sick she welcomes help. She has a compassionate attitude but is mostly emotionless, she cares about birds and reptiles but little to none for mammals, especially not Julian.



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