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Arm Wrestling
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After a long day of studying and finding out that Kowalski is a champion arm wrestler, Skipper, Private and Rico test him if he can pass the arm wrestling challenges three...


The episode starts out when an orange cat is stuck in a tree, and the penguins do their commando and try to save it, and succeed. And then they just go to the Penguins HQ. Then Kowalski and Skipper watch the arm wrestling championships on TV. While Kowalski is so excited about it, he accidentally breaks Skipper's flipper by arm wrestling it. Everyone is shocks in surprise. Then Kowalski tells the story about his native penguin family: his mother, his father, and his brother he called "Dojo", that they were champion arm wrestlers, and that because he was one of them, he was a champion, too.

Then Skipper asks if he could beat him. Kowalski says "yes". Then everyone else asks and all the answers were "yes". Then, Skipper challenges him to do the arm wrestling challenges three: arm wrestle a Dojo Robot and win, handshake a bear and break his arm doing so, and the finally, the trickiest challenge yet, defeat Dr. Blowhole so he'll give up destroying us forever. And if he loses a task, Skipper is qualified as the winner.


Kowalski going to get fish with the penguins

  • On task one: Kowalski is facing his brother Dojo, as a robot. The robot is actually pretty good at arm wrestling, so Kowalski thinks, what would Dojo do? Then he grabs the robot's flipper, tickles it, throws it back and throws it until he's done it!
  • On task two: he goes to the bear habitat and shakes the bears hand and holds it tighter until it can't stand it anymore.
  • On task three: he does the same as he did the first time but broke his arm doing so. Dr. Blowhole was profession too! Then Kowalski does the same as the first two tasks and wins!

Then they go out for fish and Skipper sees a sign that says "Join the Arm Wrestler Challenge!". Then Kowalski, who is now being looked at by Skipper is saying "Uh-oh".


Episode BasedEdit

  • Kowalski's family is champion penguin arm wrestlers.


Behind The ScenesEdit

  • Dr. Blowhole is voiced by another actor.

Kowalksi's InventionsEdit