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Scene I: Penguins HQEdit

Skipper: Ah... Nice to have a relaxing commando-free day in a while.
Kowalski: Indeed, Skipper.
Private: Yes, now I have time to---

(hears scared meow)

Skipper: Oh, Manfredi and Johnson! A cat crying for help. Helpless owner is going to be heartbroken if the cat falls!
Private: But cats always land on their paws!
Skipper: But what if they didn't?


Skipper: Hopeless.
Kowalski: Now let's save that cat!

Scene II: TreeEdit

Kowalski: Operation: Save Cat From Falling of Tree all planned out. We do a 180 degree kick, with force, in front of the tree, zoom backwards, hit tree (with helmet), vibration makes cat fall, we all catch it together.
Private: Then aren't WE making it fall?
Kowalski: Oh. Maybe I was focusing too much on Rico's sno-cone.

(shows Rico eating a sno-cone)

To be continued


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