After a while,

I get Gavin Degraw’s message

Of being two souls in one.

I sometimes feel like two different people:

Good and evil

Darkness and light

Jedi and Sith

Monique Star and Angela Bult,

And now the page is turned

To the Stewie-short story

Of the soul who supports autism

And the soul devoted to “Penguins of Madagascar”.

I’m an obvious fanguin when the show is being supported,

Yet, when I leap into the topic of autism,

I go into metamorphosis

And the butterfly feels more mature,

Along with her not being her age mentally.

Both topics tend to be the new Reese’s

As both topics blend together

But they survive, unlike fire and ice.

I’m naturally naïve,

Private is the naïve penguin of the group.

Their eyes are all blue,

The “bright” color for autism.

High intellect is molded with being socially awkward.

Those traits of an aspie are congruent to Kowalski, the brains of the group.

My supporting “Penguins of Madagascar”

May be the extra spice of my insanity.

I might be Arnold Spirit in Reardan,

The long line of addition isn’t equivalent to shame.

I might forget I’m autistic,

I might go out of my mind to make life a remix

There might be some happenings

I barely believe can happen from being naïve.

Again, not equivalent to shame.

Both situations are congruent to a conclusion:

Nearly alone,

I’m the soar thumb,

And I’m proud of it.

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