Betty is the main character in the cartoon action "Atomic Betty".  

Atomic Betty
Atomic Betty in space

Real Name

Betty Barrett


12 (Atomic Betty), 15 (Castaras), 1 (Castaras Babys)

Home Town

Moose Jaw Heights, Canada USA

Date Of birth

15th May, 1995




Galactic Guardian/Schoolgirl

Eye Colour


Hair Colour


Super Powers

Stretch (Temporary)




  • "Mum! Im Home!" - Betty's first line in "Atomic Betty"
  • "Happy Birthday Betty, Thanks for everything." - Betty's final line in "Atomic Betty"
  • "This is a nice day dad" - Betty's first line in "Castaras"


Betty was born and raised in Moose Jaw Heights, in 1995/6 when Betty was a year old, She was looked after by Billionairess Maria Towers in the mansion in Vice City, until the age of 5 or 6. As a baby, Betty loved to play with her friends, whom was beginning enjoying space stuff, after a day trip to a space museum. In the episode "The Ice Cream Demon" Betty was kidnapped by Maude Hansen, along with the other children, for revenge against Maria.

As Betty grew older, She and her grandmother, Beatrixo told each other stories about space, until one day Betty was recruited as a Galactic Guardian. She didn't tell anyone, but it looked like that Beatrixo was also hiding a secret. one day when Betty was cleaning Beatrixo's attic, she placed someting on a table and saw a hidden box, and looked inside to reveal that Beatrixo was also a Galactic Guardian.

In The episode "The Future Is Now", Betty is seen as a 17 year old in the year 2013, who has recruited best friends Noah, Regina and boyfriend Chaz. It may be known that Betty may be the head of the Guardians now.