Blood Sisters
The Blood-Sisters

Hemona (right), Circulita (left), and Plateliette (back)
Character Information
NickName  ?
Gender all females
Species Fruit Bats
Plateliette-Indian Flying Fox
Hemona- Egyptian Fruit Bat
Circulita-Seba's Short-tailed Bat)
Unknown but they have Transylvanian
accents (mostly from fake vampirism
they like to tease)
Family No known separate families, but they
see each other as "sisters"
Raised in unknown
(rumor has it that they
are escapes from the Hoboken Zoo)
(lives in)
they live in the basement of a Half-Way
house in NYC Suburbs
Age Around mid-adulthood
(can't be specific with variety)
Talent(s) Fortunetellers
(Tarot & Cookies)

Story Information
The Pest and The Pauper (cameo)
Card Shark

In Tarots and "Fates"Edit

The Blood Sisters can foresee things in several ways (usually cards and cookies), but when doing this fore there own pleasure instead of amusing a guest, these methods include making voodoo dolls (usually to keep track of new arrivals, but sometimes to note an upcoming event that would make an interesting story to those who witness it later) in the style of the three "fates":

  • Circulita holds the card of the past (fitting, because she's short and "hard to get rid of"). When sewing dolls, she's equal to the "fate" that spins the thread-of-life, only Circulita already has threads and cloth pre-made, she just selects the colors, textures and thickness.
  • Plateliette holds the card of the present (fitting, because she's the long, persnickety one). When sewing dolls, she's equal to the "fate" that measures the thread-of-life, only Plateliette is fare more elaborate with it as she has to also determine the shapes of the cloth to make the dolls and possible coverings... she also chose the beads and buttons for effect.
  • Hemona holds the card of the future (fitting, because she's "blind as a mole" and relies on echos... history can repeat itself, you know). When sewing dolls, she's equal to the "fate" that cuts and places the thread-of-life, only Hemona needs help aiming the scissors (especially from Circulita... might've been symbolic for each end being a new beginning, if not so literal) and threading the needle, but can put the pieces together with amazing accuracy on her own. Her personality is harsh & cruel, when stealing secrets, she sucks out the victim's blood, if she does it long enough, it's like she can give a kiss of no soul.

Card SharkEdit

Lucinda realized two years ago that the "vampires" in the basement were really fruit bats (Although, according to Amy, they are also "dig-bats"). They discuss many things over tarot-cards and Chinese take-out, thus having the young duchess have her fortune told twice, first over the cards (C:"You were an outcast in your own eyes, even though you are from a well-respected heritage", P:"You done great things, yet it seems you have the sense of accomplishing nothing... that something, or someone is missing in your life", H:"Changes will be made for the better, as your old ways co-exist with the new"), and then though a fortune cookie... or rather, a misfortune cookie! (Hemona felt bad vibrations from the bile the moment the paper got out!) It said: Those Who Deceive Others Get Deceived Themselves... a doosey to get, when starting a vigilante career!


Blood Sisters shadows of FATES Since this is there usual first impression, you'd be scared of these bats too!
Circulita's Blood Orange tea Small as she is, Circulita is usually the most hospitable. She even reads the leaves, if you spare the time.
Duchess Lucinda's Tarot Their cards are of several decks that blend major and minor together.
Blood Sisters Major Arcana The minor and major suits don't always mix. This is their basic deck.
Hemona's Phychic Hearing Hemona sucking blood & stealing the victim's soul Hemona can hear vibrations from "oracle paper" (used in things like tarot cards and cookie fortunes), and when you give her a certain item, personal or otherwise, she isn't "blind" to the secrets they hide. She also sucks blood out of the victim as she steals the secrets (or at least claims to, in attempt to hide the results of her sonar going weak now and then, as she bites living creatures mistaking them for her usual diet... she is a type of fruit-bat, after all, and only continues to nibble playfully in attempt to entrance those with memory problems, all part of placebo. However, teasing aside, she does actually leave a "mark" when she her psychic hearing picks up on the irritating "buzzing" of a soul intending to use her powers, and those of her sisterhood, for evil purposes) If she sucks enough blood, (and that does happen either by accident or after being provoked by enemies) she can be just as terrible as a Dementor by stealing your soul from your mouth, it's like she can give you the Dementor's Kiss
Plateliette's reseach on Spirits Even Duchess Lucinda thinks that Plateliette is a show-off as she had seen more pages of unearthly books then any human gypsy in history, and is the only one known to give a seance to animals in the city... without things going wrong out of them.


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