Scout Insignia

Brownies (Girls) Vs. Goblins (Boys)

Amy Dehauntedo was always the guardian of her fellow Brownie Scouts, even for Troop #416 of Yonkers (the toughest bunch of Brownie scouts in the state of New York, and as it's always said about New York: "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere")

Up until surprised by the sight of the fighting skills of her transfer troop, #179 of NYC (a bunch who have no interest in earning the self-defense badge, and where actually given the choice not to try), Amy had relied on no other person outside the family (making animals an exception), and thus incurred the girls to try the one thing they are good at that they have in common... standing up for each other, and themselves.

There greatest threat is Benny, a Goblin Scout who should've been kicked out of his troop #179 (the scouts share area numbers) on the second day of his initiation for bullying his own troop members, but the scoutmaster kept him on board for his "moxie". Benny has a "Helga G Pattaki" relationship with Amy (he acts like he hates her, and yet he loves her) and sets troop against hers in many competitions for four years solid including:

  • The Candy Sell-off
  • Capture The Flag (Border-crossing Rules)
  • Charades
  • Dunking for Apples
  • Hot Potato with Stink-Bomb


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