Bugs is the funny and loveable boyfriend of Lola Bunny.

Bugs Bunny


Bugs Bunny


? (Classics), 15 or 16 (Space Jam), 15 (The Looney Tunes Show), 1 (Baby Looney Tunes & Castaras Babys)



Date of Birth

17th April 1995

Eye Colour


Hair Colour


Love Intrest(s)

Honey Bunny (Formerly), Lola Bunny (Present)

Home Town

Acmetropolis, USA


Jo-Rol (Father)

Unnamed mother (Mother)

Lola Bunny (Girlfriend)

Clyde Bunny (Nephew)

Buster Bunny (Possible Relative)

Ace Bunny (Descendant)

Lexi Bunny (Possible Descendant)


TV Legend, Carrot Peeler Inventor


Bugs is seen as a more comic loveable bunny in the Classics, as he, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd fighting in the forrest.

Space Jam (1996)Edit

Bugs returned after a short break, to his next big film, Space Jam. Where he had to defeat evil and meeting his future girlfriend, Lola Bunny.

The Looney Tunes ShowEdit

Bugs is now rich, after inventing a carrot peeler, he moves out of the woods and lives in the town of Acmetropolis (or ACME for short), along with his best friend Daffy Duck. He still dates Lola, but she has become annoying than ever.

Bugs appeared as a baby in the 2002 cartoon "Baby Looney Tunes". He appeared in "Tiny Toon Adventures" (without Lola, due to Space Jam not being made until 1996, and TTA was made in 1990.) He also starred in "Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue", helping a young man fight of his drug addiction, (also 1990).

Bugs has a decendant named Ace Bunny.


  • Eh, What's Up Doc?
  • Not Bad "Doll"
  • Gee Mac
  • Of course you realize this means war!
  • Ain't I a stinker!
  • What a Moran!

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