List Of EpisodesEdit

Series 1....

Episode Name Episode No Date Air
Welcome To Vice City 1 2nd March 2019
The Playhouse 2 3rd March 2019
Story Time 3 4th March 2019
Nits 4 5th March 2019
Jack's Party 5 6th
The Music Kids 6 7th
Power Off 7 8th
Music Box 8 9th
Sheeba's New Friend 9 10th
The Worst Babysitter 10 11th
Chickenpox Crisis 11 12th
Tiffany The Fussy Eater 12 13th
Don't Tell Lies 13 14th
Fiona's Shoes 14 15th
The Doll 15 16th
Tom's Bully 16 17th
Loghouse Fun 17 18th
Shopping Daze 18 19th
Baby 19 20th
Snow Day 20 21st
Winter's Bath 21 22nd
It's A Looney Time 22 23rd
Runaway Daffy 23 24th
Fun At The Circus 24 25th
The Ice Cream Demon 25 26th
Beach Party 26 27th
The Wedding 27 28th March 2019
The Ghostly Ghouls 28

29th March 2019

Series 2....

Episode Name Episode No Date Air
Sheeba's Mother 1 7th January 2020
Las Vegas Baby 2 8th January 2020
Let's Go To The Space Museum 3 9th Januaty 2020
School 4 10th January 2020
Christmas Blues 5 11th January 2020
Water Fun 6 12th January 2020
Stop Copying Me! 7 13th January 2020

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