The Circle of Maneaters is, as it's name suggests, a gang of man-eating animals, comprised of a cougar, a dingo, an American crocodile, a brown bear, a reticulated python and a bull shark.

Unlike most man-eaters, the circle does eat humans but are far more sinister, as they not only treat humans as food, they will take humans as slaves too.


The Circle of Man-eaters is comprised of multiple species of animals known to be man-eaters. They will break into cities to get a human snack or worse, make humans their slaves, only the Penguins the Madagascar of the central park zoo and their allies pose a threat, whether or not the humans know.



Thak is a cougar and the leader of the pack, being the mastermind she is often the first to device a plan, she sees the penguins as a serious threat, and was the one who had exposed their secret, though the penguins were treated as heroes by the humans much to her dismay. She is named after the Thak-Man-eating tiger.


Azaria is a dingo and the gang's nerd, she uses speed and agility to bring down her prey, however she is not good when it comes to brute force as she gets injured easily. She is named after Azaria Chamberlain, a human baby that was killed and eaten by dingoes, said baby's mother was also blamed for it.


Kesagake is a brown bear and the gang's tough guy, often the first to cause destruction, however he is not too bright, which can be a weakness, even the other man-eaters get annoyed by his lack of intelligence. He is named after the Sankebetsu brown bear that terrorized the Japanese village of Sankebetsu.


Gustave is an American crocodile and second-in-command, he is by far the most dangerous man-eater as he can attack both on land and in water, has jaws that can crush bone, and is difficult to defeat do to his armored body. He is named after the Nile crocodile Gustave, who was bigger than average in the specie's size.


Ghetsis is a reticulated python and the one with the biggest appetite, since he swallows his prey whole instead of ripping it to shreds, he is similar to Savio except bigger and more evil, as he treats humans as more than just food.


Submarine is a bull shark and the only man-eater that has gills, as a fish he is forced to wear an oxygen tank filled with water to breath on land, though a formidable opponent, he is usually vulnerable to defeat as his oxygen tank makes a weakness, he gets around land by lying on a skateboard, similar to Blowhole's Segway. He is named after the larger than average sized great white shark Submarine, who stared in the documentary "Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine".


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