Cloning tonic
Duchess Lucinda made this serum to allow Maurice temporary access to Julien man-servants for his birthday. Unfortunately, the mix is unstable, and while it worked and made seven duplicates of her brother (all of them too stupid to even understand the task, even next to Mort), the original King Julien grew weak and deprived of personality, as that part of him was split among the doppelgangers, which were reabsorbed easy so long as kept close to the body they once shared before the life-force leaves him (and insuring that was the hard part)!

Used on Julien in Copy-king, Duchess Lucinda perfected it to "look everywhere" for her brother in Blank Chance, and Eggy stole and used it to help in Villains unite!

Clone PersonalitiesEdit

  • The Awareness of Pain - deprived of this alone, one can feel no danger from being aware of no danger (see Sting Operation), but it deprived of you is the exact opposite of that... a pessimist that thinks everything is dangerous if not careful, and even the touch of something light as a feather is enough to make this one flinch!
  • The Awareness of Bliss - it is a shame to not know what makes you happy, but its practically annoying for the optimistic clone to be let on the loose, practically loving everything... even things Mort finds unlovable, like drowning and predators!
  • The Awareness of Duty - no purpose means you can be anything you want. This clone is serious enough to make Skipper look soft, but thankfully... it's for no good reason at all, and such pickiness tends to let it get beaten up if it annoys someone enough (never fails)!
  • The Awareness of Compassion - until you meet this one, you'd think the real Julien doesn't have this trait (everyone does, but not many use it). Without this, you'd give everyone the cold shoulder, but it without you is an all out pushover (think Eclipsed, only far more pathetic)!
  • The Awareness of Ego - Nobody should bring themselves down, but this clone is boisterous enough to make any tyrant look humble, even brags about things it can't do, even when ending up proving it cannot be done!
  • The Awareness of Opinions - it's easy to ignore constructive criticism, but this clone cares to much about what others think that it ends up looking ridiculous in several ways an hour!
  • The Awareness of Surroundings - sometimes we have no idea what's going on, while this clone (despite being less brilliant then the original, like the others) is the live in the moment clone... too much, apparently, as all it wants to do is wander about aimlessly, no thoughts of the past and no plans for the future!


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