The Confederation of Penguin States is a government formed in Antarctica by the six dominating Penguin species, it was formed after the 1st Penguin War, to form a government, and was challenged 2000 years later by a dolphin Warlord, Dr. Blowhole. He tried to defeat them, but failed to capture their capitals, and for 6 years fought in Adelie, a state that became a major theatre of war.

After their victory, they strengthened the Confederation, and made a pact that if any other animal government attacked one, they would be forced to go to war against all 5. Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico are all Adelies, and recently, have been called to war along with most of the zoo's penguin battallions.


After the 1st Penguin War, the Penguin species decided to form a Confederation to stop all their wars. It was very similar to the Articles of Confederation, and only slightly united the Penguin States. They also found a huge amount of technology flowing into their waters, and so modernized every time they encountered new technology.

The 1st Penguin-Lobster WarEdit

In September, 1989, a Dolphin Warlord stumbled upon the Confederation. Hungry for further expansion, he decided to invade. For the first time in 2,000 years, the Penguins were attacked. Using Blitzkrieg tactics, Blowhole crushed Macaronia and Chinstrapi, and poured into Emperia, unable to hold off the Lobster's massive assault, Emperia surrendered in March, 1990. With most of Antarctica now under his control, Blowhole prepared to invade Kinginia and Adelie.

In May, Blowhole smashed through Kinginia's defensive line, and over 200,000 Penguin soldiers fled to Adelie. With its allies defeated, Adelie stood alone against Blowhole.

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