Danger is one of the main characters of the futuristic Warner Bros cartoon "Loonatics Unleashed".


Danger is the descendant of Daffy Duck. He was born around 2756 AD and is known to be one of the younger Loonatics, along with Rev Roadrunner.

Before Danger became a Loonatic, he was working as a pool cleaner who was desting to become a lifeguard, until that was cut short when the meteor struck.

Danger is mostly like Daffy, with his feather color, beak color and personality, but lacks the lisp when he speaks, He has a very good friendship with Lexi Bunny.                                                                             

Danger Duck


Danger Duck


16 or 17




Daffy Duck Melissa Duck ? Lyndsey Duck ?


Former Pool cleaner, Loonatic

Female Ancestor?Edit

It is Unknown who is Danger's female ancestor is, as Daffy as been dating them all. Most will think it's Lyndsey Duck or Melissa Duck but not Tina Russo, as she will be killed of in the first episode of Castaras.

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