Character Information
NickName Big Blue (Skipper)
Gender Male
Species Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus)
North Sea
Raised in Loch Ness, Scotland
(lives in)
Loch Ness, Scotland
Story Information
Madagascar 4: Scottish Escapades
Andrew Bouglas

Danny is a huge blue whale who appears in Madagascar 4: Scottish Escapades. He lives in Loch Ness, and becomes friendly with Gloria when she swims with him in Loch Ness. The two became so friendly that Gloria gave Danny a kiss on the cheek, which made Melman very upset. The love triangle between Gloria, Melman, and Danny was a major subplot in the movie.


  • Danny is a light sleeper.
  • Danny, being a blue whale, is naturally ridiculously loud. He uses his bellowing vocalisation to alert Susan and Jim to Nessie's presence, much to the dislike of the other animals.
  • According to the official Madagascar 4 handbook, Danny is 22 m (72 ft 2 in) long, and weighs 110,000 kg (243,000 lbs).
  • Bouglas brought in fellow Forth One radio presenter Grant Stott in for one of his recordings, and asked the recorders if Stott could be given a line or two in the movie. Stott plays the fox on the moorland who catches the mountain hare before Toby the polecat can get to it.

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