Donna Duck is the daughter of Daffy Duck and Lyndsey Duck. She will appear in series 3 of Castaras in the episode "The Future Of Us".

Donna Duck

Full Name

Donna Tina Duck



Date Of Birth

13th July, 2O16


Daffy Duck (Father)

Lyndsey Duck (Mother)




Daffy's parents

Voiced By

Evanna Lynch


Donna is 2" foot tall and has dark yellow-blackish feathers, she wears a dark grey dress, has yellow-pale orange beak and feet and her hair is black with brown highlights with a ponytail , she has sea blue eyes.

Donna is both of her parents..Daffy's sillyness and greed but with Lyndsey's kind personality. She is half American and half English.


In The Episode, It's the present day and the villians and goodies decide to seek out what their future lies..In the villians future, set in 2025,  they find out from the police and authorities that Baboon's body is not found and no blood is traced which shocks both sides. Meanwhile while fearing that Baboon is still alive, Lyndsey Duck and Daffy Duck try and keep their 10 year old daughter, Donna from the villians harm, but Donna later befriends Chucky, who actually likes her as his friend and he is then icolated from the rest of the villians.

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