Dooku the Kimmerosaurus is a plesiosaur and the ruler of the Lourinhã Empire.


As a plesiosaur he has a short tail, four flippers, and a long neck with a small head, despite his species physical appearance he prefers to be on land more. He also wears cybernetic implants to enhance himself, though he isn't dependent on them and can remove them whenever he wants.

He is however equally athletic on land as well in water.


Dooku is power-hungry and cruel, but what he hates the most are modern-day life, he views the modern as inferior and the prehistory as superior, but this doesn't stop him from joining any modern species who are as villainous as himself.

He does however, have some respect to a few modern species such as the Animal Militia, whom he views as a true threat.


He is named after Count Dooku from Star Wars.


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