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Dr. Blowhole kidnaps Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, Mort, and Maurice. And it's up to Private, Marlene and Julien to save them.


It's a nice day in the zoo. Roger is perfoming a concert for the penguins, lemurs, chmips and Marlene. "And for my next song, I will perform...." he says before being cut off by Chorme Claw breaking into the zoo! Skipper then flashes back to all the times he has crossed Dr. blowhole." Did I see Mr. Fancy Claw the time Blowhole teamed up with Hans?" Skipper asks Marlene. Marlene reminds Skipper that he met Chorme Claw twice- both times where Marleane didn't belive him at first. "Chorme Claw means Blowhole,why can't we capture CC so I can make him a good robot?" asks Kowlaski.



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