The episode starts with Dr. Blowhole in front of hoboken zoo's gate talking to his evil spirit guides (Nana, makunga, foosa). then he go inside the zoo and his minions greets him(though later it's shown that they turns to blowhole himself except some of his minions).blowhole then destroys hoboken zoo to turn it to his base.he sent threaty the evil antelope and saika the evil anaconda to defeat skipper.meanwhile skipper and kowalski with Marlene,Maurice and mort went for a mission.private is playing chess with Barry and Rico is watching the "Beaten up animal channel" in tv(there is a picture of a whale eaten by orcas).in a island where skipper,kowalski,Maurice,mort,Marlene are in,threaty and saika are prepared to fight them but got beaten up.then blowhole came and fight them but beaten up by uncle nigel(sudden appearance).and he escapes to his base underwater.back at the zoo king julien is playing angry birds Madagascar while the real birds look.when the battery is dead he asked kowalski.kowalski says that that night he will make the charger.that night julien uses the charger but uses it too long and it made the IPad into a monster.blowhole takes the advantage and sing porpoise power ballad but failed.he is slapped by the monster when he started the song.blowhole summons Rhonda,Hans,Clemson,savio and Lulu though they attack him instead.the peoples help the animals fight the monster.blowhole then reverse it and control it to destroy the city and rule the world but stopped by Fred,Marlene,Roger,Ted,bing,bada and private by cutting the cables inside.blowhole then escape and promises to the penguins that he will get a revenge against them again and his traitors with a tougher way(that he did later by working together with all the villains and making the base more confusing and dangerous).

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