Dream Token

"The deeper you search the subconscious mind, the further back you'd go in time."

Made with several herbs, sticky-tape, and a couple of Beverage brand soda-bottle caps, this artifact was made by Duchess Lucinda to travel the dream-scapes and probe the subconscious mind. She got the idea watching her human-family's strange customs revolving around nighttime artifacts such as worry-dolls and the tiny box Zeke and Amy use while waiting for the tooth fairy, but it's abilities are based off of Auntie Salasi squirrel's ability to interfere with other peoples/animals fantasies (being anything but a spirit, Duchess Lucinda had to make this object to do the same). She claimed to already have this power in New Hero, but it wasn't made (or at least perfected) until Origin of the Penguins. Usually activatable only while the user is sleeping, as are the minds being visited, but it is later found that in similar yet more awake states (like hypnosis and meditation) the user can use it without being completely knocked out, and it wouldn't matter if the visited minds are awake or not, making it both a blessing and a curse!

Used on:

  • Origin of the Penguins - Lucinda used it on her brother (King Julien) and all that met him in his lifetime (including the "giants" she knew were idolized before getting transferred), especially the penguins, when she learned about their past (she also used it on Chester the "Chatterbox" fox by mistake, and found he still wants her as his lady fox).
  • Cronica-Lucinda - King Julien used it on Lucinda to look for ways he can be a better big brother without changing who he is (at least not completely).
  • Blank Chance - Lucinda let the penguins come with them in the dreamscapes so they can keep looking for lost and amnesiac Julien, even when too tired to do it physically in the real world. When they did find him, both twins found together that, in a meditative focus, they can activate it while still awake, thus restoring the lemur king's memories.


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