Zoo gets new species: duikers! But they are from Hoboken and is so hungry despite their bovid genes!


Act 1Edit

Truck drives to Alice and she, talking with the driver, opens the door at the truck and sees large boxes where is the name: "Hoboken". Penguins see that and discuss arrival of new animals with other animals. Secretly peeping, penguins see the new animals are duikers. They talk with each other,and after penguins go from their aviary, Kowalski remembers that they are sometimes eat meat and thinks they has a bad plan. But penguins think he has paranoia.

Meanwhile, in the night, duikers discuss their plan - to eat all inhabitants of zoo! Zoro names it "Hyper Devour", and, here's the dialogue:

  • Sammy: We won't allow them to stop us! We will eat them,because they eaten some of our brothers!
  • Random duiker: They don't eaten your brothers.
  • Sammy: Okay, okay, here's the plan. Brown and red duikers will snoop and honk the signal. Blur, you will creep into the confidence. Frical will work in sea.
  • Frical: I will do it for our total starvation, ma'am.
  • Sammy: Maxwell's duikers, as we know, will stop any trap. I will command you, and go eat the smart penguin. I think he will disclose our plans.

Act 2Edit

New CharactersEdit

  • Sammy, the leader of duikers. She is excellent hunter and assassin but paranoiac. Her species is Common duiker.
  • Blur, not so smart duiker that has ant diet. His species is Blue duiker.
  • Frical, smart duiker who works in water because he is good swimmer. He in episode appears only two times. His species is red forest duiker.
  • Zoro, duiker that appears only one time saying "Lets name it "Hyper Devour"!". He shares one species with Frical.
  • Unnamed albino duiker who appears in end. Her species is Zebra duiker.
  • Other duikers

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