Elesa the Dilophosaurus is a street-smart orphan dinosaur from the Appalachian mountains, she later becomes a member of North Wind. Corporal has a bit of a crush on her.


Elesa's parents disappeared when she was only seven and one day wandered into a human-city where she found refuge for herself, stealing to survive.

She does has a heart though, as she is willing to burglarize the bad to benefit the unfortunate good, which is one of the reasons she joins North Wind.


As a coelophysoid she has a slender built but is a formidable opponent, being a Dilophosaurus she has the two arch-shaped crests on her head, her jaws aren't the strongest in theropods but can still damage greatly, she also owns an energy slingshot which she made herself.

She also can drive a bike which she does often to plunder valuables but has limited driving skills.


Little is known about her childhood but she is mainly only concerned for herself after being forced to take care of herself early in her age, however she will help those in trouble with evil organizations.

Upon joining the North Wind she became more compassionate, putting others before her own needs, she can get childish sometimes too.


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