Personality Edit

Ella is very playfull but tomboyish.

Apperance Edit

Ella is a pure white seal. Except for an upside down heart shape on her nose and two little black dots above her eyes.

Bio Edit

Ella was Jenifer's friend but when Ella and Jenifer were playing on the ice a peice broke off and Ella was stranded off to sea (she was young and didnt know how to swim) Later on a Mission that Jenifer joined along on North Wind (Jenifer's first) they needed to save Ella. As soon as they saw each other Jenifer and Ella knew exactly who eachother were and were thrilled. Jenifer took over most of Ella's training and Ella became the side explosives and weapons person.

Trivia Edit

Outfit Edit

  • She wears a belt with a little pocket on it around her waist

Random Edit

  • She has a crush on Short Fuse
  • She is allergic to nearly everything (Just sneezing) giving her her nickname since the place is always full of Fur and Feathers

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