When Mort suddenly breaks the whole Lemur habitat, Julien gets angry, and he crushes Mort into a loaf. After that, he goes power mad to crush everyone in the zoo. At night all the animals that have been bullied by him go to the zoovenir shop to have a meeting with the penguins. When they told everything that happened Skipper says, "Kowalski what do you have in mind?" to which Kowalski replies "I think we need to hit him in the head to stop him from bullying". Rico regurgitates a mallet to smack him in the head, Then they go to the outskirts of town to find him, at the outskirts they try hit him but he saw the penguins and he begun smacking them. Julien punches Kowalski in the stomach causing severe stomach ache to him and unfortunately, he done the same to the other penguins except Rico, Rico smacked him in the head. And 3 of the penguins are at the hospital.

...To be continued.