To zoo comes new female penguin, named Kate. Kowalski has a crush to her... to time when he finds truth about her! ( She is Blowhole´s evil sidekick )

Evil penguin
Behind the Scenes
Tom McGrath as Skipper

Jeff Bennet as Kowalski James Patrick Stuart as Private John DiMaggio as Rico Tara Strong as Trudy Susanne Blakeslee as Kate Neil Patrick Harris as Dr Blowhole Danny Jacobs as King Julien Kevin Michael Richardson as Maurice Andy Richter as Mort Grey DeLisle as Tomina Nicole Sullivan as Marlene

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User: DeeDee2510
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Kowalski: I cant deleted Doris from mind

to HQ come Kate

Kate: Hi, im Kate and i new there!

Trudy: Eh, little strange i talk about love with boy... Doris was dolphin, right?

Kowalski: still look to Kate Who is Doris?... picks up and looks at the Trudy oh, sorry, just me ... excited!

Trudy: Kate?

Kowalski: Yes.... i mean, no... i mean...

Blowhole: So i finally got you penguins!

Kate: Sorry, honey!

Kowalski: What... Kate, you dirty double crosser!

Kate: Dirty double crosser is my job! give to Kowalski business card

Kate: Isnt Kowalski... i don't know... cute?

Blowhole: What?!

Kate: ( as fast as can ) Never mind!

Kate: I know, i was stupid, but please, give me one more chance

Skipper: Well, i still don't believe!

Kate: We help the elderly!

Skipper: That can say everyone...

Private: Welcome!

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