Family Matters
Family Matters
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Arm Wrestling


Skipper's, Kowalski's, Rico's and Private's family visits.


One day, Rico, Skipper and Kowalski were having a show of who could be the best ninja if they were being attacked while Private was watching. But then Rico accidentally hit Private slapping him down to the HQ powering on the Family Detector, and the thing was beeping. Then Private told Rico, Kowalski and Skipper their families were coming. Then they went to the HQ and had some cocoa and the families came. Rico's father and Psycho, Kowalski's mother, Skipper's mom and dad and Magenta, Private's little sister (since after she was born, the parents died).

Then Papa Rico and Psycho were so glad to see Rico again that they did the gibberish funky dance (a dance they made to unite them). Then everybody hugged everybody else, especially Magenta. Then they had dinner, salmon. Rico blew up a dynamite to chop and cook the salmon at the same time, and then they ate. Then Magenta was done eating and was tired. Then Private tucked her into his bed.

Then everybody had a sleepover, Magenta and Private sleeping in Private's bed, the guests sleeping in the guest room and the Penguins sleeping in their usual bed.

Then it was morning and Private offered Magenta breakfast, but Skipper didn't accept it. They were leaving that morning and having breakfast at their actual homes. Private wasn't happy, then he said he wanted to live his life again. Skipper said that Private was living his life. But Private meant those days where he and Magenta were always playing together day after day, golfing, swimming, fishing and having fun. And that they want to stay together (and maybe even get married). But then, Skipper said "No! You will not let her stay, and you won't get married to her!" Then Magenta said "No married....?" got sad and cried, then she kicked Skipper harshly and went to the surface and Private followed along and said that she is staying no matter what. Then Skipper was ashamed of himself and let her stay.

Then Magenta lived happily in the guest room, playing and having fun with Private all year long.


Episode BasedEdit

  • Kowalski's parents mentioned in Arm Wrestling appear.
  • Private has a little sister.
  • It is shown that the Penguins have a guest room.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Kowalski's InventionsEdit

Family Detector
Used to detect if families of a person are coming