In the penguins's HQ, Skipper, Rico and Private are watching kowalski making some sort of powder.

Kowalski:flamingo feather, ice cream, powder, lov-u-laser's remains, Burt's peanut, Manfredi's flipper and walaah, the al-liv-ro powder.

Skipper:what does it do?

Kowalski:FYI, it's for making things alive.

Private:for example, ummm(nervously)Manfredi & Johnson?

Kowalski: precisely!


Skipper:oh, that thing never forgot about. a group of angry gannets attack them when they steal the eggs.

Private:worst dead ever heard (pauses) or seen.

Julien enters the scene holding a mango smoothie with Maurice behind him.

Julien:hello, neighbor!

Maurice:may we borrow the tv?

Skipper:(annoyed)fine.(turns the remote on and the tv is showing a game of tennis)

Mort then appears and then stands on the penguins's table behind the al-liv-ro powder.

Kowalski:mort! don't play with the powder!

Because his stupidness, Mort though kowalski told him to play with the powder instead.


He throws the powder to another invention which has a word food on it.

Kowalski: Mort! what did I said?(angrily)

Mort:play with the powder.

Kowalski: ye-, I mean no!


Skipper:what's the matter kowalski and sad eyes?

Kowalski:he has made all food ALIVE!




Julien:ALIVE?!!! (everyone stares at Julien) Julien: what? I'm just adding the ALIVEs with three scare tones (meaning !.note:breaks the fourth wall.) Then the fishes from the penguins's storage escapes. king Julien's smoothie moves like a living slime. Burt's peanuts attacks him and so does Joey's hay.

The scene changes to the zoo hall at night(the place where they did a meeting in the real episode"the most dangerous game night)almost all zoo animals appear including Roger, Joey, Burt, Roy, Bada, Bing, chameleons, Darla and more with bandages and cuts.

Skipper:dear zoosters, this catastrophe happens because of the powder Kowalski to revive Manfredi and Johnson...

Everybody except Skipper and the team: who's Manfredi(crowd sound)

Lulu(seriously and loudly):maybe it's a monster we have to DESTROY!

Kowalski:(trying not to laugh)ehh they are our former members. Too be Continued

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