The Firewing Amphiptere is a dragon from the Dracopedia book, and is native to the northeastern U.S, recognizable by being a snake with wings.

  • Size: 5'
  • Wingspan: 5'
  • Recognition: Long snake body, bright red and orange markings on wings
  • Habitat: North Eastern United States.
  • Classification: Draco/Aerodraciforme/Amphipteridae


The Firewing Amphiptere is one of the hundreds of amphipterae that are native to North America, and has long been a common sight in its native habitats of the woods in the Appalachian mountains of New England. This medium sized amphiptere hunts for mice and insects in the woods stretching from the Blue Ridge mountains in the south to the Berkshire mountains in the North.

Today, with much of their natural habitat threatened by development the fire-wing has adapted to its new surroundings. In urban centers like New York City it has made a new home hunting the rats and pigeons that populate the city's streets and parks. Nesting in high eaves of skyscrapers and apartment buildings, the fire-wing is a much beloved addition to city life.


Fanon Firewing Amphipteres on the WikiEdit

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