Francine is a less seen character in The Simpsons, she first appeared in the episode "Bye Bye Nerdie"

The SimpsonsEdit

Francine first starts Springfield Elementry School, at the age of 8. She is lonely because she's new. Lisa Simpson begins to feel sorry for Francine, So when Lisa kindly says hello to her, Francine punches Lisa in the eye, revealing herself as a bully. Lisa then begins to be afraid of Francine after a few beatings from her.

So, when at a swimming lesson Francine walks pass Lisa and waves, which leaves Lisa confused on why she didnt beat her up or pushed her in the pool, as she was wearing a nose block. Francine is then tricked by Lisa and the geeks and is locked in a cage.

She later appeared in two more episodes but it is unknown weither she still beats up Lisa.


Francine will appear as a guest in Castaras, she will be seen hunting down Lisa, and beating some goodies up.

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