Future kids are the Penguins' kids from future who are appear in Its about time 2 on travel to future.

  • Trivate

age: 10 ( human )

gender: male

parents: Private and Trudy

siblings: Prudy

personality: nice, decent, happy-go-lucky, little shy

  • Prudy

age: 9 ( human )

gender: female

parents: Private and Trudy

siblings: Trivate

personality: nice, intelligent, sometimes rude

  • Kawalski

age: 12 ( human )

gender: male

parents: Kowalski and Kate

siblings: Kote

personality: intelligent, creative, paranoid

  • Kote

age: 11 ( human )

gender: female

parents: Kowalski and Kate

siblings: Kawalski

personality: creative, nice, happy-go-lucky

more info: this little penguins are in parental footsteps- Trivate and Prudy are friendly and happy-go-lucky, like Private and Trudy and Kawalski and Kote are intelligent and creative like Kowalski and Kate. They have own club and because is Kawalski bigest and most intelligent, he is leader. Siblings have little rivarly between them, but everybody are good friends

improbability: in 5 years, can penguins find another love interest and have another kids

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