"Habari Gani?" means "What's the News?", which is exactly what's on Duchess Lucinda's mind when she wants to help her brother King Julien and all their neighbors (including the penguins... Kowalski especially) with their post-Christmas/kids-mas and pre New Year plans, only to get dragged into the Holiday events of June Sabamazao, the youngest of Amy Dehauntedo's troop, as the young African American noticed Lucinda is actually homesick for Madagascar, thus in spring to invite the lemurs to her place for the week to celebrate Kwanzaa; the penguins are alarmed of June's well-meaning "invitation" methods though, as she did it rather drastically and ended up getting herself and her guests lost in the streets of Manhattan! It would take all the principals of the holiday to get them back home in time for the New Year.


  • June Sabamazao's family name is supposed to be Swahili for "seven crops"
  • The seven principals of Kwanzaa are shown throughout the episode:
    • Umoja (Unity) - All the zoo animals are doing there part to help locate and rescue June and the lemurs, and it was King Julien (ironically, in Mort's case) that suggested that the group doesn't separate while out on the streets.
    • Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) - Marlene tries to control her wild-side
    • Ujima (Collective Work/Responsibility) - Moved emotionally by how Duchess Lucinda tries to look out for all the others, whether they served her or not, King Julien admits his hidden vow to do whatever it takes to keep his sister well and alive, then lives up to his word in spite the risks.
    • Ujama (Cooperative Economics) - Though cold and starving herself, June gives the hot chocolate she intentionally bought for herself, with what's left of her own cash, to a homeless man.
    • Nia (Purpose) - Private gives a bit of his own ability to help out the rest of the zoo, and does what he could to find his place in the rookery.
    • Kuumba (Creativity) - the ones in search of the missing characters pursue in their unique ways, while June and the lemurs come up with several different ways to signal for help.
    • Imani (Faith) - though it seems like the worst Holiday season ever, both sides of the issue refused to give up, and that pays off in the end.


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