Duchess Lucinda originally made this beverage to make herself indistructible in battle (if just not to hide the fact she was in a fight to begin with), but she's given it up to restore the use of Kowalski's legs to him after he hurt himself in "I Know Why the Caged Bird Goes Insane". This was after the events of "Dart of Shame" but before "Double Royal Trouble", which was how Kowalski was able to futher anilize her lemur-like movements even though he respected Duchess Lucinda, in her La Phantasma persona, when she told him not to peak, so much as look, under her veil.

The effects kick in about a few days to a few hours sooner then a wound would recover naturally. Theres a side-effect, though, as half of the potion is drunken by the one that needs healing, the other half is mixed with vinager and poured on/in another living thing to drain it... in other words, it transfers health from something else. While Duchess Lucinda uses a plant from Alice's office to spare her own life in a test-run, she uses the vineger-half on herself to repair Kowalski, and while it should've given her his problem, (paralized from the hips down for at least a week) she came out of that with merely a fever, and for a reason: love was a bonus-ingrediant in Kowalski's half of the formula!


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