Hypnosis is the art of causing one to obey what is told to victim, the victim is under a trance, enable to know what he or she was doing.


Hypnosis is performed when a hypnotist causes a optical illusion on the victim. Hypnosis is curable.


The cure to hypnosis is a counter-hypnotic action or a reversal of the hypnotic orders in the victim, the cure can limit as a simple hypnotic order to lift the hypnosis to a total permanent brainwash and reanimation in the victim's mind.


Skipper still thought it was a stupid idea, but his eyes really couldn't get away from that watch, glowing in the semi-darkened room, and before he knew it Kowalski's hypnotic suggestions took hold, and he was falling asleep... Skipper even yawned a little, and it wasn't until that happened did he considered resisting, but it was already too late for that, as his eyes were soon so heavy that he couldn't open them even if he had the will to... he couldn't see anything, let alone the watch, and wasn't conscious to even the idea of resisting... he could only stay focused on Kowalski's voice

-Skipper under hypnosis

The victim of hypnosis is put asleep where he or she is in a dreamy trance-like state of mind where all anxiety or paranoia is banished, The victim follows the orders the hypnotist gives.

Forms of hypnosis on the table below are sometimes not hypnosis at all but has a manner exactly like or similar to hypnosis, Such as when Private was attacked by Blowhole, Blowhole's gun creates a state of loss & confusion deep in the victim's mind if the victim's brain function is pulled out, where the victim has no control on his actions & is trapped in this state unless the victim is cured by a reanimation & brainwash.


  • A watch or a multi-color swirl wheel.


Hypnosis had been used a lot by:

Victim Hypnotist Notes
Skipper Kowalski In Hypnotic Love, Kowalski hypnotized Skipper so he'd celebrate Valentine's Day
Plasma-Pus Dr. Blowhole Dr. Blowhole hypnotized Plasma-Pus so he could follow every command given
King Julien XIII Private Sent on top-secret mission to collect info off the Lemur Empire
Randy, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico Private Intending to persuade Randy to be violent to any threats, Unintentionally, Private hypnotized his friends to make them act like misbehaved idiots. (Well, technically (in Can't Touch This) it was to get Randy to put up with the sticky hands of children, but Private accidentally hypnotizes that sheep, along with his fellow penguins, into thinking they are chickens! [first rule of the hypnotist: never call yourself an "expert" if you learned the skill only by watching television... real experts do there research in all angles possible, and knows all the do's and don't's. Duh! Second rule: Practice on strong-minded so the weak-minded are easier, Third rule: Be careful who you're hypnotizing & make sure no one in the background is staring at your hypnotic wheel or watch so you can't get a fiasco of friends behaving like chickens!)
Private Dr. Blowhole Hypnotized Private into being a mindless, zombie-like slave to betray the Penguins & kill them
Duchess Lucinda Kowalski Hypnotized her to erase her fear of thunderstorms with the "hidden side-effect" that she'd have no belief in things science disapproves live magic and the Sky Spirits... she had and inborn, reinforced will though, and rearranged it into self-hypnosis where she convinced herself to show her true feelings for Kowalski. (as it turns out, she learned mind-tricks and counteractions long ago by watching her and Julien's mother, Queen Sasha, use it to hide the fact she used to be a commoner herself from the royal servants!)
Doris Kowalski Hypnotized her on Valentine's Day, He failed to get her to ask him as her valentine, as Kowalski was so nervous that his control was too weak
Kowalski Duchess Lucinda An attempt to cure his week-long insomnia, and while she's at it she tried to open his mind to her way of thinking (revolving around the quota/cliche "anything is possible"), but upon realization of what was happening to him, he shook himself free and demanded that she doesn't do it again. By the way she rolled her eyes while reminding him she was trying to help, its clear she intends to do it again sometime... just not to soon.
Rico King Julien XIII Used to study the behavior of wild penguins in the Department of Regulation & Control of Unknown Animals
Doris Kowalski Second attempt to get Doris to be his valentine, Failed again
Kowalski Duchess Lucinda Hypnotized Kowalski into being her valentine on her fourth Valentine's Day for one hour (Managed to last more than an hour), Skipper found out & cured Kowalski, who rejected Lucinda for the hypnosis
Kowalski Kowalski Attempted it on Doris the fifth time & failed, this time he accidentally rebounded the hypnosis on himself & completely fainted for 3 days
Rico The Red Squirrel Used Rico to bomb the Penguins, Lemurs & New York city's, failed when Rico lost control with strength & bombs, Kowalski cured Rico
Duchess Lucinda Kowalski Hypnotized her like Dr. Blowhole, in attempt to capture & subdue the Zombie Private & cure him of his hypnosis
Marlene Dr. Blowhole Hypnotized her into using her life to fuel Clockwerk to become Clock-Lene
Duchess Lucinda Private To cure her from her long-stated depression in 2027, after Kowalski died.
Marlene Duchess Lucinda Cured her of her depression in 2030, After Skipper died.
James Jake Hypnotized him in 2040 to make him believe he was the Heir to the throne of the Lemur Empire
King Julien XIV John Hypnotized Julien XIV to confuse the Empire of it's power in 2040

King Julien XIII



Duchess Lucinda Used a Mass-Hypnosis Viral Music-Disc (and earplugs, for immunity) to temporarly knock-out the rest of the lemur habitat in "Just Varsuveus", so she can sneak out and follow the Varsuveus twins to get ideas for a half-birthday gift for her twin brother (She doesn't know how spoiled/evil those boys are, but they seem to know all the best places for two). Since the redefinition of "trance music" was still playing when she got back, Duchess Lucinda desided to have her fun with them, with several post-hypnotic suggestions, until the sound of the opening bell woke Julien, Mort, and Maurice up again, and they found themselves as fountain ornaments in ballerina tutus!

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