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Possible ScriptEdit

(Usual Opening song)

(The camera shows the children playing, as Maria tells them about Granny and the 7 baby looney tunes coming)

Maria: Listen up little ones! My friend Granny is coming to stay for a while and she's bringing a few little friends for you too.

Daffy: Granny! i hope she leaves Bugs all on his own

Maria: That's not very nice Daffy! how would you like it if i left you here all on your own?

Daffy: (Looking sad) Cry!

Violet: Will there be any girls?

Melody: There are already girls here Vi?

Maria: Of course..there's Lola, Petunia and Melissa

Jack: Are they humans?

Daffy: What do you think silly!

(Meanwhile outside)

Granny: Let's comb your hair Melissa!

Melissa: My hair's fine

Bugs: I wouldn't eat those if i was you Taz!

Granny: Oh Taz, don't eat Maria's flowers

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