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Kate: You are cutest little penguin ever!

Its about time 2
Behind the Scenes
Tom McGrath as Skipper/future Skipper/future Private

Jeff Bennet as Kowalski/future Kowalski James Patrick Stuart as Private John DiMaggio as Rico/future Rico Tara Strong as Trudy/future Trudy Susanne Blakeslee as Kate/future Kate E.G Daily as baby/5-years old/8-years old penguins ( every ) Debi Derryberry as 10-years old/12-years old as penguins ( every )every future kids Frank Welker as dinosaur

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User: DeeDee2510
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Evil penguin

Skipper and 12-years old Skipper


future Private and his son Trivate

Kowalski again make time machine, but now works. Penguins go to travel across time.

List of times, what penguins visit:

  • Cretaceous period
  • time when was penguins...
    • babies
    • 5-years old
    • 8-years old
    • 10-years old
    • 12-years old
  • 5 years to future

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