Personality Edit

Arctic is very happy go lucky. But she can be dumb sometimes. She doesn't always pay atention and somethimes is ignorant (not on purpose though)

Apperance Edit

She is a grey and white husky/Wolf mix. She has a white muzzel and cheeks. The top of her head is grey. She also has white gloves, stomach and tail bottom so the rest of her body is grey. She has Ultra Mrine (purple) eyes.

Bio Edit

The North Wind found her lost in the Arctic Tundra. Even though she was lost it was hard for them to find out that she was lost since she was playfully running around in the snow like nothing was wrong. It wasnt long untill they asked her where her parents where and she got sad and told them that her parents went to go get food but never came back. The north wind pitied her and took her in.

Classified was set to take care of her most since he was just in training then. With Classified looking after her all the time she started having a crush on him.

Trivia Edit

Outfit Edit

  • She wears multiple things
  • A Writband like classified does
  • A pair of ski googles
  • A Purple Parka with fluffy cufs (only sometimes)
  • A Purple and Blue scarf

Fun Facts Edit

  • She still calls Classified "Classified" even though they have told her his real name multiple times.
  • She doesent go on missions with them, she stays home and video calls them.
  • She LOVES Short Fuse (Thinks he's adorable).

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