Character Information
Gender Male
Species Red deer (Cervus elaphus)
Forest near Loch Ness, Scotland
Raised in Forest near Loch Ness, Scotland
(lives in)
Forest near Loch Ness, Scotland
Talent(s) Meditation
Story Information
Madagascar 4: Scottish Escapades
David Tennant

Jordan is a red deer. He is one of the forest animals who the circus gang meet after crash-landing in a forest in northern Scotland. He runs a meditation shack, giving meditation lessons to animals visiting the forest. When the circus animals arrived, Melman came up to Jordan's meditation shack. After a quick introduction, Jordan gave meditation lessons to Melman, with the two quickly developing a friendship.

Jordan does not play that big a role after the initial meditation lesson he gives to Melman. He wakes Melman up when the party starts (with some help from Ricky the wildcat). He is one of the forest animals who does not join Circus Zaragoza, saying that he had to keep on supplying meditation lessons to visitors to the forest.


  • Throughout the film, Jordan is shown with a full set of antlers. However, in real life, red deer do not fully grow antlers until the autumn, which is the mating season, and the movie is set in May. However, Jordan was probably given a full set of antlers to make him more identifiable as a deer.


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