The Killer Bite is a lethal technique used by Joe the Wolf. It is extremely dangerous. It isn't common. Joe's technique on the Killer Bite is very easy. It is like being bitten by a basilisk, only instantaneous death meets those who have been bitten by Joe's sharpest teeth. This technique is very similar to the Stun Bite.


Joe will unleash the pair of his sharpest teeth from his gums, and bite his prey. This technique is similar to the Stun Bite.

Stun Bite

Like its brother, The Stun Bite, The Killer Bite is one of the 2 sharpest pairs of teeth in Joe's jaw.


Joe is likely to use the Killer Bite to kill any prey larger or a threat that can only be eaten after it's dead. Joe is first witnessed doing the Killer Bite on an elephant named Jumbo in the First Jungle War.

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