==                                                                                                 Real Life==

Prince George VII


Prince George Alexander Louis Windsor


1 (Real Life) 27 (Castaras)


23rd July, 2O13




Prince Of Cambridge (2O13-?)

King Of England (2O34)

Wife (Future)

Harper Seven Beckham-Windsor

Children (Future)

Princess Elizabeth III (Born. 2O25)


HRH Queen Elizabeth II (Great-Grandmother)

Prince Philip (Great-Grandfather)

Prince Charles (Grandfather)

Princess Diana Spencer (Grandmother)

Prince Harry (Uncle)

Princess Beatrice (Cousin)

Princess Eugenie (Cousin)

Zara Phillips (God Mother/Cousin)

Prince William (Father)

Kate Middleton (Mother)

Carole Middleton (Grandmother)

Pippa Middleton (Aunt)

Micheal Middleton (Grandfather)

James Middleton (Uncle)

Princess Anne (Great Aunt)

Prince Andrew (Great Uncle)

Prince Edward (Great Uncle)

David Beckham (Father in Law (future)

Victoria Beckham (Mother in law (Future)

Queen Mother (Great Great Grandmother, deceased)

George is the baby son of Prince William and Kate Middleton. He is the heir of the British throne. He was born on 23rd July, 2013.


Prince George will appear in the third season of Castaras in the episode The Future Of Us. He is shown has King in the year 2025 and married to David and Victoria's only daughter, Harper, they have a daughter together Elizabeth III.

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