Duchess Lucinda recognizes the Rat King as Bandersnatch, the pinhead that tried to propose to her years ago while she tried to escape the animal cruelty of a bio-lab in Massachusetts years ago. Although prefers Jazz over Hip-hop she decided to "break-it-down" so the lesser minded would understand the story... and of course the Rat King steals the spotlight as this solo goes duet. Slightly inspired by the "Batty Rap" from Fern gully: The Last Rain Forest.

(Lucinda) YO! Yah wanna know the real deal?
lend an ear to this girl D.L.
Duchess in the sew-zi-er
don't shake drinks that have the fizzer
let me get down to bizz'er
can you take it like that?!
Date back three years
don't even try to block your ears
I'm reciting how I'm knowing here
Lab-Rodent Bandersnatch
(Rat King) Listen up
let her break it like that
(Lucinda) Lab-Rodent Bandersnatch!
(Rat King) Hear loud and clear
the Rat King Rap!
(Lucinda) Drop da beat now!
They use and abuse us
bio-lab in massa-chu-setts
needed new material
I was milk on that cereal... number!
Any wonder,
that my ear had a tag right through it
hard to believe it, for it's hard to see it
but look real close and you'll see scars to prove it!
Animals everywhere
bad mad science in the air
used us to test weird stuff
lives are lost...THEY DON'T CARE!
And in the next-one to me,
second cage, second latch
gut can't handle flirting from
Lab-Rodent Bandersnatch!
(Rat King) Hey-yo! King Bandersnatch here, 
sewer rats give a cheer!
Hate my humble origin
but it's worth it knowing
one bright babe
savage and "suave"
(Lucinda) Oh get a life B!
I'm not worth your misbehave!
(Rat King) Unchanged!
Even then she was testy
unaware things got messy
when she escaped and fast
(Lucinda) I took no chances
had to run the fastest
knowing I'm next in line
that lock was hacked
but they tried to bag me
tie and medicate me
no co-op from me
for them of Bandersnatch
(Rat King) seriously though, 
she... uh... she kinda threw some stuff. Yah know,
to keep the bio-doc's off her tail
(Lucinda) Lab-rodent Bandersnatch
(Rat King) Some of the liquids dripped into my cage and well... you know...
King Size, Triplified!
Broke the bars down, got up to find my bride!
Couldn't find her anywhere
(Lucinda) Lucky my peeps are the type to really care
(Rat King) Went down
Stumbled upon Rat Town
gave the alpha rat the mega-pound
took his place
Suppa strength's my callin', my thing

(Lucinda) Authority ain't enough!
shocked they call you "King"!


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