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Episode Name Episode No Date Air
End Of Time 1

17th December, 2017

Melody's Locket 2 18th December, 2017
The Truth About Betty 3 19th December, 2017
Prison Break 4 20th December, 2017
Night In The Woods 5 21st December, 2017
DUEL: The Haunted House Strikes Back 6 22nd December, 2017
Never Trust A Witch In Green 7 23rd December, 2017
A Christmas Not Forgotton 8 24th December, 2017
Bad Date 9 25th December, 2017
Shaun & Preston Alone 10 26th December, 2017
Warring Sides 11 27th December, 2017
The Young Ones 12 28th December, 2017
Runaway Jack 13 29th December, 2017
New Duck 14 30th December, 2017
Friends Forever 15 31st December, 2017
A Bully Returns For Lisa 16 1st January, 2018
Operation: Steal 17 2nd January, 2018
The Only Way To Trick Me 18 3rd January, 2018
Preston Gone B.A.D 19 4th January, 2018
Goodbye Lynds: Part 1 20 5th January, 2018

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