Loch Ness Monster
Character Information
NickName Nessie
Gender Male
Species Plesiosaur
Loch Ness, Scotland
Raised in Loch Ness, Scotland
(lives in)
Last lived in Loch Ness, Scotland
Age Deceased
(Was 34 at death)
Purple skin
Story Information
Madagascar 4: Scottish Escapades
Sir Alex Ferguson


The Loch Ness Monster, commonly nicknamed Nessie, had lived in Loch Ness all his life. He came from a long line of previous Loch Ness Monsters, and, despite him and his ancestors being popular tourist attractions, terrorized the animals of the nearby forest. According to the DVD commentary of Madagascar 4: Scottish Escapades, he is the 115th Nessie in total.

Nessie first appeared when Danny and Gloria were swimming in Loch Ness. Danny pointed Nessie out to Gloria, just before Nessie woke up and emerged from Loch Ness, with Gloria only just evading him. Danny alerted Susan and Jim to the situation, and the two leaders of the forest defeated Nessie, with the help of Sally. This killed Nessie.

After the fight, Nessie's corpse was turned into "Nessie burgers". The burgers were served at the party that night.


  • As said earlier, it is revealed in the DVD commentary that Nessie is the 115th Nessie in total. All of the Nessies are referred to as "Nessie" or "the Loch Ness Monster". However, it is also revealed in the commentary that his real name is Hamish. His full name is revealed to be Hamish William McArthur III.
  • Nessie's voice actor is retired association football manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who is most famous for managing Manchester United from 1986 to 2013.


Nessie, during his life, was arrogant and rude, as shown when he dismissed Susan and Jim's chances of defeating him in the fight, saying that they were only birds and that they had no chance in beating him. He also said that he'd win easily in the fight, but he lost and was killed.


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