Lyndsey Duck


Lyndsey Duck




Duck / Clone



Love Interest

Daffy Duck

Debut Appearance

New Duck (Castaras, 2O17)



Voiced By

Katie McGlynn


Donna Duck (Future)


Lyndsey Duck is the new character for Castaras, and the new future girlfriend for Daffy Duck and a replaceme

Lyndsey Duck

nt of Tina Russo. She was created by Daffy after human Lyndsey Longmoore rejected him after he revealed he liked her. So Daffy takes a lock of her hair and places her DNA in a cloning device, in which he sets to create a female duck of Lyndsey.

Lyndsey Duck likes to give advice to her friends if needed,

Lyndsey Duck does not appear in Castaras Babys but will in Castaras: Long After as a young adult, she will appear in future Castaras mercendise, such as rulers, pencil cases, toys/dolls and even bags.


New Duck: After visiting Tina's grave, Daffy tells Lyndsey that he has feelings for her but Lyndsey rejects his idea because she thinks a human and a duck would be a "weird" couple. Upset, Daffy decides to get revenge by stealing a lock of Lyndsey's hair and placing it in Kowalski's clone machine; whom he creates "Lyndsey Duck", this shocks the goodies, but all later get on and becomes Daffy's girlfriend for the rest of the series.

A Bully Returns For Lisa: After finding out that her former bully, Francine Rhenquist returns, Lisa confindes in Lyndsey Duck when they try to get rid of her.

The Zod: After Lola Bunny flees, Feora, Thunkian and now along with Zod try to catch Lola and Bugs but Zod soon witnesses that Daffy and Lyndsey Duck are in kryton. So Zod kidnaps Lyndsey Duck and try to kill her but Daffy come and stop ZodEdit

The Future Of Us: The goodies and villians decide to visit a psycic about their future but both get diffrent futures! In the villians future, they find out that the police cant find Baboon's body or blood, and in the goodies future; Lyndsey Duck and Daffy try and keep their 9 year old daughter safe.Edit

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