Lyndsey is one of the main characters of the TV Series "The Lost 7", it will air in mid 2016, on CBBC.

Lyndsey Longmoore

Other Names



Jammie Git

Dogs Dinner




15 (Lost 7 and Castaras)

1 (Castaras Babys)


Alive (Episode 1-21)

Immortal (Series 2)

Home town

Westminster, London, England

Hair Coulor

Chocolate Brown





Love Intrest

Luke Like

Child (Future)

Lucy Like

Voiced By

Katie McGlynn


Lyndsey will be seen as a cute, loveable with a spunky personality. She is the leader of the Goodies.Like her childhood friend, Daphne Blake, she sometimes gets kidnapped by the villianous Kirstie Shephard.

Lyndsey is the best friend of Violet Parr and Lola Bunny.

Lyndsey is revealed to be a bowling champian 3 years running as that is her faverate sport/game, unlike her duck counterpart, Lyndsey Duck who fails at the game.

The Lost 7Edit

Lyndsey, along with her five sisters and brother work as spies at Ridgwound High School, with their maths teacher and father, Arnold Longmoore. Lyndsey and her siblings became spies at the age of 13 after finding out that Longmoore was the head of "The Spies Sociate Incorprated", soon into the series, Lyndsey finds out that Arnold was her long lost father and her mother, Amii Fraine, was also a spy, whom she had given Lyndsey to Arnold as a baby after criminal outsiders went after her and her parents because Amii's twisted sister, Andrea told the rival agency and gave Lyndsey's siblings away.


  • People could mistake Lyndsey as Daphne's daughter or sister, as they have the same hairstyle, but Lyndsey's is brown and not ginger.
  • Lyndsey as been rivals with Kirstie since the age of 5.
  • In early drafts, Lyndsey was going to be the grandmother of Luna Lovegood, from Harry Potter. But later decided she was to be the same age and with no relation.
  • She is the English decent cousin of Robyn Starling.
  • In the year 2016, Lyndsey gives birth to her daughter, Lucy in Vice City, near the mansion where she spent her toddler years.
  • She was the first to know about Atomic Betty's secret.
  • She is a bowling champion.
  • Lyndsey was originally going to be voiced by Tara Strong, but she is an American actress, as her character is English, so Paula Lane (Corrie's Kylie Platt) was cast but she was scrapped and is now replaced by her corrie fellow Katie McGlynn (Sinead Tinker).
  • Lyndsey is now Inmortal after being killed by Preston, then she is brought back. She is only immortal because she was brought back through science
  • It's unknown if Lyndsey's child will be Immortal or not.

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