After Alex got banished from King Julian's Kingdom, Maurice was given power in King Julian's disgrace. Maurice sent troops to start an invasion of Foosa Territory. His favorite general sent troops to invade Foosa Border City and Foosa Border County. The troops fought valiantly and got some more territory. Soon, they liberated Mouse City from the Foosa and the snakes. However, the Foosa counter-attacked and ate most of the troops. The surviviors made a perimeter at Foosa Border County. The survivors were all eaten and Maurice City (the occupation name for Foosa Border City) was liberated leading to the treaty of Maurice-Foosa Border City. The war ended with Maurice stuck in humiliation. Soon, Emperor Maruice visited King Julian and gave him the throne back just as Skipper arrived. Skipper convinced them to let his men (him,Kowalski,Rico,Private,Melman, and Gloria) attack Foosa territory and rescue Alex and Marty. You know the rest.

Effect on MauriceEdit

Maurice was humiliated by this incident up until The Penguins of Madagascar.

Future of the FoosaEdit

After Alex was able to gain power over Foosa Territory,  the Foosa ran away to the northern coast of Madagascar and swam away.

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