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Rico RegurgitatesEdit

  • Vuvuzela - To wake up the animals (twice).
  • Dynamite stick - To suggest that him, Kowalski, and Private should use explosives to get to the front of the queue in the fish and chips store.
  • Amnesia spray - To make the batterer in the fish and chips store forget everything, especially the fact that the penguins were right before his very eyes.
  • 4 pieces of paper and a pen - So that the "King of Versailles" (i.e., Phil) could confirm the entrances of Toby, Irene, Donald, and Ricky into the circus.

Movie References/ParodiesEdit

  • Star Trek - When Danny looks at Nessie and sees that he's dead, he looks up at Jim and says "He's dead, Jim". This is a reference to Star Trek character Leonard McCoy, who said the same line many times to declare that someone or something was dead.
  • Brave - Emma Thompson's character, Susan, is married to Billy Connolly's character, Jim. This is a reference to the 2012 Pixar movie Brave, in which Thompson's character, Queen Elinor, is married to Connolly's character, King Fergus. In addition, both films are set in Scotland.
  • Mr Gum and the Cherry Tree - A cuckoo shouts "CUCKOO!", followed immediately by a mole shouting "MOLE!". This is a reference to Andy Stanton's 2010 book Mr Gum and the Cherry Tree, which has a cuckoo shouting "CUCKOO!" being followed by a daffodil shouting "DAFFODIL!".
  • Doctor Who - PC McDonald wishes that the boot of the police car was a TARDIS. The TARDIS is The Doctor's time machine, which has a huge interior, but a much smaller exterior. Also, Jordan the red deer is voiced by the actor who played the tenth Doctor, David Tennant.


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