This page is for all the miscellaneous characters in Madagascar 4: Scottish Escapades. These characters are too minor to warrant a page of their own, which is why information about them is stored here. These characters are mostly, if not all, unnamed.

The moleEdit

During the utopia-like scene in the forest where everybody was having a good time, a cuckoo popped out and said "CUCKOO!", followed by a mole popping out of its molehill and saying "MOLE!". The mole was voiced by one of the co-directors of all of the Madagascar movies, Eric Darnell (uncredited).

The battererEdit

During the scene in which Kowalski, Rico, and Private are at the fish and chips shop in Inverness, they get tired of waiting outside, and jump onto the counter, skipping the entire queue in the process. The batterer, stunned at seeing the three penguins, gasps "PENGUINS?!?" (his only line). Private then copies Skipper by using the leader of the penguins' famous quote "You didn't see anything", complete with the waving hand movements. The batterer is then sprayed with amnesia mist, making him forget his encounter with the penguins completely. The penguins then enjoy each of their meals of haddock and chips. The batterer is voiced by Robbie Coltrane, who played Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies.

The foxEdit

While the penguins are waiting for the train and sorting out the circus equipment at Aviemore railway station, the other circus animals have fun in the moorland. Toby attempts to catch a mountain hare much bigger than him on the moorland, but his kill is cruelly stolen by a red fox, which jumps in and kills the hare just before Toby can get to it. The fox calls Toby a ferret, even though Toby is a polecat (the wild ancestor of the ferret) - probably to wind him up. The fox is voiced by Grant Stott.

Panicky Woman at WaverleyEdit

When the animals emerge from the rubble of the wrecked InterCity 125 at Edinburgh Waverley Station, everyone screams and panics. One woman calls the police about the train crash. This woman is voiced by Kelly Macdonald.

Directions-Giving WomanEdit

When PC McDonald and PC Miller arrive at Waverley Station, they find that the animals are, to their surprise, not there. PC McDonald asks an elderly woman for directions. This woman tells McDonald that the animals went in the Old Town. The woman is voiced by Edith MacArthur.

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