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Scene I: The ApartmentEdit

After the DreamWorks Animation logo appears and the boy on the moon starts fishing, the camera pans down through the clouds to a starry night sky above a street with a row of apartment blocks in Queens, New York City. The view then switches to inside one of the apartment blocks, outside the actual rooms inside the apartments, next to a window which gives one a view of the street. Four penguins - Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private - are on the windowsill, walking along it. They then stop.

Skipper: (whispering) We'll have to wake them up soon. (looks at Rico) Rico!

Rico quietly regurgitates a vuvuzela, which Skipper catches in his flippers.

Skipper: (whispering) Perfect. This'll definitely wake 'em up.

The penguins jump down from the windowsill, and walk towards Block Number 26, indicated by a number 26 on the door. When they are directly outside the door, they turn around 90 degrees to face the door. When they are all looking at the door, Skipper hands the vuvuzela over to Private.

Private: (worried, British accent) Are you sure you want me to do this?
Skipper: Yes.
Private: OK.

Private puts the vuvuzela to his mouth, and blows it as hard as he can. The noise produced by the instrument is deafening.

Skipper: (hi-fives Private) Good job, Private. We just have to wait until the mammals wake up.

...coming soon...

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