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This wiki is for FAN BASED ARTICLES or RUMOR RELATED articles based on the MADAGASCAR Series.

We currently have 1,067 articles available and 570 pictures/images to be viewed. In total this site has 3,204 pages.

For a complete Table of Contents to this site, click here. (Please use Table of Contents and not SEARCH. You will find what you are looking for easier. Thanks.)

Do not post FACTUAL info here. All Factual info can be posted at the Madagascar Wiki.


All old Notes will be moved to the Read Me page as needed. Thanks.

(none at the moment)


This Wiki is divided into two sections FANDOM and RUMORS


Under Fandom there are the following Categories:

  • Fan-Fic -- Any fan written story or episode
  • Fan-Song -- Any fan written song
  • Fan-Poem -- Any fan written Poem
  • Fan-Character -- Any fan created character
  • Fan-Art -- any fan created photo
  • Fan-Vid -- any fan created video
  • Fan-Org -- any fan created organization (ie: Department of Central Park Zoo Law Enforcement)
  • Fan-Location -- any fan created location (ie: Lucinda's Workshop or Air City)
  • Fan-Event -- any fan created event (ie: First Sky War)
  • Fan-General -- Any FANDOM article that does not fit into one of the existing FAN Categories.
  • Fan-Series -- Any Fan created Series
    • Babies of Madagascar
    • Future Penguins
  • MysteryGirl's World
  • TRiddle50's World
  • TR-Episode -- any "episode" that belongs in TRiddle50's World


Under Rumors there are the following categories

  • Rumor-General
  • Rumor-Character
  • Rumor-Series
  • Rumor-Movies
  • Rumor-DVDs


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