The Madagascar Wiki Fan War was an online battle between two parties of users on the Madagascar Wiki. The first party was composed of the users, Deb1701, Riconator and TRiddle500. The second party was composed of the user Jcvghjw and an unnamed wikia contributor.



In the months of April to June of 2012, high tensions began to build up over a serious matter about the episode, The Penguin Who Loved Me. Executive producer Bob Schooley requested that the pictures of the episode not be posted. Users continuously reposted them, even I posted them a few times until I received the message. Things continued to get worse until August 2012, when the worst thing happened.


The war began when I saw the news: Urgent Matter ASAP! Click here to read the message. During sometime between my two visits of the wikia, Jcvghjw and some wikia contributor moved the page of Kowalski to the name I will not say and the page of Bob Schooley to Piss.


A counter-productive edit war to restore the order to the wikia began. Jcvghjw then continued to move pages Rico to Rico3 and Private to some lengthy title. To make matters worse, he even "hijacked" the home page of the wikia by re-uploading the theatrical posters of the movies with the Penguin Who Loved Me poster. To fix the situation, I redirected the contents of Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private back to their original pages and re-uploaded the theatrical posters. A reason I couldn't delete the new pages was because of my credentials as a user on the wikia.


Deb1701 finally came to the wikia to help and deleted the redirects left over and blocked Jcvghjw.

TRiddle500 (talk) 22:28, April 1, 2013 (UTC)


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